Welcome to the Period of PURPLE Crying Program!

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Thank you for your interest in the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome’s (NCSBS) Period of PURPLE Crying program. This letter gives you general information needed to learn more about or implement the PURPLE program.

There are three steps to implementation: 1) register for the free PURPLE program online training; 2) read the Implementation Protocol; and 3) read, sign, and return the Memorandum of Understanding.

Register for the Online Training

The practitioner delivering the program to parents needs to view the Training for Implementation (27-minute) presentation in order to become familiar with the program’s lines of evidence, research and development, and to give them the authority and expertise necessary to deliver the program. There is also a great deal of helpful information and resources on the site that you will find useful in your implementation.

-Training Registration-

On the Training Registration Page, please fill out the form and make sure to create two different logins with two sets of usernames and passwords: the first is an Organization Login and the second will be your Individual Profile. Make sure to write these down for later use. Your Individual Profile will be your administrative account to access the modules and monitor other users under the organization’s training account. All others who need training will use the Organization Login that you provide them. Afterward, the new user will be prompted to create a private student profile. Each time students login thereafter, they should use their student login information to access the modules.

-Activation Notice-

Within one business day of registering, you will receive an email verifying your access to the PURPLE program online training as well as instructions for logging in. You will have access for two weeks to view the online version of the PURPLE program DVD and booklet and the training that comes with the program. Should you decide to implement the program, your access will be ongoing.

The Period of PURPLE Crying Program Online Training

Dose 1: PURPLE Training and Delivery

Dose 2: Reinforcing the PURPLE Program Messages

Dose 3: Public Education Campaign Toolkit

2) Implementation Protocol

Please read the Implementation Protocol that discusses the ideal processes for distributing the program materials to parents and protecting the fidelity of the program model.

3) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MOU outlines the training and support that comes with the purchase of the Period of PURPLE Crying program. It also asks that the organization agree to provide each family with their own PURPLE program DVD/booklet to take home and share with anyone else who will be caring for their infant. Please read, sign, and return the MOU to the NCSBS.

Purchasing the Program Materials

The NCSBS is the sole source provider of the Period of PURPLE Crying program materials. After a representative from your organization has registered for the online training and has signed/returned the MOU, the PURPLE program DVD/booklets can be purchased in any quantity over 100. Please call the NCSBS for more information on ordering.

More Information

For more information about the PURPLE program or information on implementing at your organization, contact the NCSBS at 801-447-9360, visit the PURPLE Program page or email PURPLE@dontshake.org.

Download the Welcome Letter: Click Here